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Monday, September 12, 2011

More and flip flops

I have been obsessed with practicing new cookies and I recently made these cookies for a friend's Hawaiian themed party.  The Sunglasses were my favorite from this group. I am picturing a NERD theme in the future.  Lots of tape and glasses and maybe a few cookie calculators!

I apologize again for the picture quality. It's very obvious that I am not a photographer!

These cookies were for another friend whose daughter is girlie but loves horse back riding. It was a eclectic theme but I have to say that my boots turned out very cute! I had to google pictures because I do not own a pair!

Here is the girlie part of the cookie order. Strapless dresses and high heels. I used black disco dust. It is edible glitter and reminds me of the Martha Stewart craft glitter. I love this stuff!
I will try to post some non-cookie items on my next post.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cookies, Cookies and more cookies

First, let me apologize for my recent obsession with sugar cookies.  I just began this hobby a few months ago and I have already filled several containers with new cookie cutters!
 I recently made these for a friend to give as a  Birthday gift.  The puppy has become my favorite! I wish dog, Carmello, was as well behaved.
My daughter, Kaliyah has asked me when will I go back to baking chocolate chip cookies! I guess my family is a little burnt out on eating sugar cookie samples!

Here are some rough samples of upcoming Halloween cookies. I ran out of Purple gel.....So use your imagination. I plan to make the Boots purple and black. Also, I apologize for the sheen on the black. It was a little humid and it wreaked havok on the frosting :(
I hope to add some  candy corn designs and a few skulls.  Did I mention that I luv Halloween?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sexy but cute!

I recently made these cookies for a friend. i must admit they were fun and I found myself searching for inspiration.......sadly enough the only things I own are boy shorts. So i looked online.   I am not a photographer  but hope you can see the fun details. 
nicely packaged!

I think I want a pair of these!

I wonder if these red ones come in my size!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little man Baby Shower

Candy And cupcake Bar

Close up of goodies

table setting

Madeline Party

I Made these centerpieces for a recent Birthday party.

These were a few of the customized cupcake toppers

These bags can be used for favors or to place a napkin and untensil set.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tree Time

It's tree time. Time to dust off your fake trees and pull out your glue guns! I found a great deal on 2 potted trees. $48 for 2!   I started to go thru my past party things and found some great ways to recycle.  You can make always make something.  I used some of my vintage tags, old jewelry and made a cute tutu for my Girl zebra rag doll. I love this Tree! I also made the chandelier, using my trusty Cricut.  I have officially begun to "freak out" with the notion that there are 32 shopping days left to Christmas.
Sock Monkey was Naughty!

Recyled Tag from Baby Shower!

My favorite Cupcakes!

Here is the 2nd tree in my kitchen area. I am going to add more items to it but here it is, for now. This is my Sock Monkey tree. It's actually very cute in person. I will be adding more ornaments.

Here is my bigger tree. I love the purple, black and white.  I added the penquins because they matched and are too cute. I will be adding bows ties to give them a "formal " look.  That is it for now........ I  may be working on a new tree for my son, Stephon. He has requested a Star Wars tree. 
I will be posting pictures of some of my baking projects in the next day or so. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sock Monkey theme

I am almost finished with some tags, cupcake toppers and centerpiece topper.  This is for a Boy themed baby shower. I will have to post some picures from the soon as i get the pictures.  I have wanted to use this theme for so long. You cannot resist the sock monkey!